How sexy is your name?







Add the letters in your first name using the numbers below =)

- Under 60 points= NOT TOO SEXY
- Between 61-300 points= PRETTY SEXY
- Between 301-599 points= VERY SEXY
- Over 600= THE ULTIMATE…

Alexander (yes, I’m using my longer name and you can’t stop me!)

1471.  I always knew I was sexay!

Dat Flank by AleximusPrime

Daniele = 1168 pts.

But I still think that my name sucks balls.

Sabi Haguruma by HorusLV

Here comes Raude’s closest friend and obviously one of the Members of her Force.

You got already where I took my inspiration, huh? Well, it’s obviously her.

Someone may wonder “Why does she have that weird eye?”. Well… there’s a story behind that eye but I won’t tell it to you. Not now at least.

And before you ask: that thing on her arm is her personal weapon. It is a sword, shield and crossbow all in one.

Two days ago…

I should have made this post two days ago, but I had not time due to many things and projects (one of them is a little thing I’m trying to do with the “Avian Six” you may have see before).

Now that I watched the Season 4 Finale, I’m catching a little breath and tell you a little thing happened two days ago.

You may say “Who fucking cares?!”. I say “Shut the fuck up, I enjoy sharing nice things with people”.

So, what happened?

I received this. I really didn’t expect anything. There was a very clear “Welovefine” logo on the box. I was expecting a t-shirt or something.

Well, like the Schrodinger Cat taught, if I wouldn’t open the box this would have been ANYTHING. Including this:

Yes. A box inside another box.

So, I finally decided to open the friggin’ box (how many times I said “box” so far?). Aaaaaand… this came out.


A little detail, actually my favourite Princess is Celestia, but saying that I’m not liking this IS NOT TRUE. I REALLY LIKE this! Especially because I like plushies or any kind of huggable thing. Maybe I can use this to carry my Game Boy Advance (the only Nintendo console I ever owned), my PSP or my YGO Deck.

But… there was a little thing: on the box there was my address but not the sender’s address or better: the sender was apparently the Welovefine HQ (I don’t know). So… huh? Did they send me a gift? Why?

I look deeper inside the box and I find a paper with the order details. I read It and then discover the true identity of the mysterious man of mystery hidden behind all of this mysterious situation of mysteries.

You again @fsLeg …

Dear boy, first of all: thank you with all my heart! These things always bright my darkest days!

Second of all: expect something appear suddenly. Maybe on this tumblr, maybe on your e-mail. Who knows. But you can bet that something is gonna appear.

You can say “No need to do that.”. I say “YES, I NEED TO DO THAT. SHADDUP!!”.

That’s all for today. And if you, peeps, haven’t watched the Season 4 Finale yet, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?! GO WATCH IT, YOU DUMBASSES!!

This post was kindly offered by the Department of Redundancy Department.


… I received a notice telling me that a package was waiting for me at the post office.

So, today I woke up early and went to take this “mysterious package”…

Uhhh! I wonder what could be inside!

Well, we’ll never discover it if we don’t open it, right?
And so I did…



Well, there’s only one person to thank for this…

You know who you are. And you are not going to escape from my infallible “Thank You”… MUHAAHAHAAHAAHHHHRRGH *cough**coff*


Thank you, @fsleg!

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