… I received a notice telling me that a package was waiting for me at the post office.

So, today I woke up early and went to take this “mysterious package”…

Uhhh! I wonder what could be inside!

Well, we’ll never discover it if we don’t open it, right?
And so I did…



Well, there’s only one person to thank for this…

You know who you are. And you are not going to escape from my infallible “Thank You”… MUHAAHAHAAHAAHHHHRRGH *cough**coff*


Thank you, @fsleg!




All credit goes to - japharts

**Trigger warning**

This, literally, is dead on exactly how I feel, and probably a lot of you guys too.

Welp. Browsing around I came into this. So, I’ll take advantage to steam off some things.

Please, take them with a light heart: I’m just taking off a weight from my chest. I’m not even sad and maybe I can tell you something I learnt recently.

These pics represent some things I came into sometimes.
At first I thought: why are they ignoring me? I’m not worth their time anymore?

Yep. I think this pretty much often. And hurts A LOT. Just THINKING this HURTS.

You know, my self-esteem isn’t great. I tend always to think that I’m just a bloat of flesh made to annoy others. Sometimes when people invite me I always try to eat less as possible because every time I have the horrible feeling that I’m just a PARASITE which takes a lot and doesn’t give anything back. But this is another story.

Every time I see my friends go with their new friends more often than me, this cannot be helped: it hurts. As it hurts every time I think about it. I think I am worthless, I’m annoying, I’m not fun at all and so on.

But now comes the point… I’m THINKING. This means that the pain comes because I’m DECIDING to hurt myself. I realized that all of this came just from my mind. The reality is different, and I’ll explain you later why.

As I said, you shouldn’t give too much weight to this “being ignored”. It’s true, can hurt, but… you, “true friend”, what do you really want? Being listened all time ‘till you start being annoying or give space to you friends in order to they can do what they really enjoy most?

Well, I’ll give you a little hint: do the second one. It’s normal being excluded sometimes. But if you know your friends well enough, there always will be a second chance to talk and do things again. If they really care about you, they will try to fix their “mistake” as soon as possible because they know that you may have been hurt by this decision. And because they don’t want to lose you.

Don’t even try to come and start whining: you will just seem an annoying attention whore and this wanting for attention will just make your relationship deteriorate enormously. Untill they’ll grow tired of you. Do you really want that? Nah, I don’t think so.


Be a friend and not a jailer. Don’t be jealous and let them do whatever they want: you are a friend, not the owner of their lives. You met them because no one stopped them, so allow other people to meet them.

And if you are still in doubt, remember these famous words: true friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. If you know that you have been nice, you should know also that they will always have a little space for you. And better you are, bigger it will be.

That’s why I’m always trying to improve.

Forgive my english, please


Okay guys, this may be the last time you hear from me for a while. My luck is starting to run out. I don’t thr money to pay for the rent this week for the motel room. I don’t know whats going to happen with me. I’m full with commissions so I can’t get anymore and I’m not sure if I can get anymore…

Help this guy? Pleeeease?

Skyline19: Donation Update

by Skyline19

Well, things doesn’t look good for me. This whole time I didn’t get enough donations so still short about $200 to pay for this week’s rent. So unless I don’t get that before 11 am tomorrow morning I will definitely be on the street. You can ask for commissions but I will only take a select few.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I do not want to be on the street.

Paypal is

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